A little bit about us.

GoGirl Signs has been trading for 17 years.  To calculate Cheryl can add on to that a further 16 years in the trade, we can boast 33 years of experience in the industry. Add on another 9 years of learning by Jack.. In truth, we are keeping busy all of the time and that time really has flown by.  If you are enjoying your work, that sort of thing happens! You know what they say..if you need work done, the best person to ask is a busy GoGirl!



Cheryl Bushell (Nee Smith) is the founder of GoGirl Signs. She is married with 3 Children and 3 Grand Children. Loves to watch snooker, formula one. Crochet and quilting to fit into the Nana roll. Traveling is something she won't say no to. She has achieved awards for her guts and skills .

Jack Bushell



Jack has been working at GoGirl Signs for 7 years and has really perfected his fitting skills.  He loves photography, bike riding and the outdoors.  He is a dedicated father to his gorgeous daughter and is in a perfect relationship with his partner in life Roberta.